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New Type Button Type Wireless Lavalier Microphone


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One to two Type-C ports with charging compartment, customized smart audio solution for live broadcasting and workplace
We present to you not only a wireless lavalier microphone, but a complete audio system focusing on intelligent noise reduction and ultra-clear audio. This new type of button wireless microphone with Type-C connector and portable charging compartment combines advanced 2.4G wireless technology with tri-chip noise cancellation design, which is made for professionals who are pursuing great sound effect.

Product advantages in detail:
Intelligent noise reduction technology: utilizing the triple-core noise reduction chip, it radically reduces noise interference and ensures that every word delivered is clear and pure.
Ultra-clear audio capability: Whether it’s a soft whisper or an impassioned speech, the circular pickup pattern guarantees the comprehensiveness and balance of sound recording.
Plug and Play Convenience: Remove the cumbersome setup and pairing process, realize quick connection, open the cover and enter the working state.
Innovative charging compartment design: The self-contained charging box is not only easy to store and carry, but can also charge the device at any time, further extending the usage time.
2.4G wireless transmission: Provides stable long-distance transmission, ensuring clear and reliable communication regardless of the environment.
Long-lasting end urance: The built-in high-efficiency battery supports long hours of use and meets the needs of continuous work.
Reverb Sound Equipped: Add appropriate reverb effects to your voice, adding more professional sound details to live broadcasts or presentations.
Type-C charging port: meets the charging standards of modern devices, adapts to a wide range of charging devices, easy charging without worry.
Powerful device compatibility: able to seamlessly connect with many types of devices, suitable for a variety of smartphones, tablets, PCs and more.