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Magnetic Lavalier Microphone


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Circular monitor design, powerful noise reduction, wireless for free communication
Designed for professional speakers, teachers, presenters and all types of speech occasions, this magnetic wireless lavalier microphone pushes sound capture and delivery technology to new heights. The circular pickup design with powerful noise reduction technology ensures sound clarity and communication, while the wireless portability provides users with unprecedented freedom of movement.

Product Features Overview:
Magnetic quick assembly: The unique magnetic design makes it easy and quick to install and remove the microphone without causing damage to clothing.
Efficient Noise Reduction Function: Advanced noise reduction technology effectively reduces ambient noise and echoes, ensuring clearer and purer sound transmission.
Omni-directional monitoring pickup: round monitoring technology is more conducive to the uniform capture of sound, will not miss any details, whether whispering or treble can be captured in a balanced manner.
Reverb Adjustment: Built-in reverb function allows you to add appropriate reverb effects to optimize the sound effect according to the needs of different occasions.
Wireless Freedom of Use: Free from the constraints of cables, the wireless design gives speakers a greater range of motion while maintaining stable sound transmission.
Wide compatibility: Compatible with most of the playback devices on the market, no additional driver required, plug and play, suitable for a variety of lectures, teaching, meetings and other occasions.