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Wireless 2.4G Hi-Fi Microphone


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Need wireless freedom of movement while pursuing superior sound quality? Our 2.4G wireless lavalier microphone is the perfect answer to this need. Featuring a high-performance 2.4G chip, a high-definition microphone unit with intelligent noise-canceling technology, it allows you to enjoy a clear and noise-free communication experience in any environment.

Product features at a glance:
2.4G high-efficiency transmission chip: guarantees high stability and low latency when connecting wirelessly, realizing the wireless capture of high-definition sound.
High-definition microphone quality: professional-grade microphone construction, to ensure the true reproduction of sound, do not miss any important details.
Plug and Play Function: The device supports true plug and play, eliminating the need for lengthy setup procedures, simplifying operation and increasing efficiency.
Intelligent Noise Reduction Technology: Using the latest noise reduction algorithms, the device accurately distinguishes and reduces background noise, providing a cleaner recording environment.
Long battery life: Built-in high-performance battery ensures long time use and meets the stable demand for continuous work.
Compatible with a variety of devices: Easily connect to all kinds of smart devices, including computers, tablets, smart phones, etc., to meet the different use scenarios of users.
Convenience of charging and using at the same time: even in the case of insufficient power, you can charge and use at the same time, without interrupting your using experience.