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Professional-grade True Wireless One-two Microphone


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Dual sound, presented as one, with zero interference and perfect resonance. We understand that professionals are demanding sound quality, so we’ve created a microphone system that’s as flexible as it is powerful. No matter what kind of presentation, musical performance or spotlight you’re in, you’ll sound as natural and vivid as if you were breathing.
This professional microphone has an excellent wireless connection stability, and can operate two microphones simultaneously without signal interference, ensuring sound clarity and reliability. The microphones have been carefully designed to accommodate extreme sound fluctuations and provide a smooth frequency response, meaning that both bass and treble are perfectly captured and transmitted.
Each microphone is equipped with a long-lasting and durable rechargeable battery to support the need for extended use. Also, the system has a quick-charge feature to save time for busy professionals. Its portability and ease of use make it ideal for performances, conferences, or any situation that requires high-quality audio output.