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White Wireless Lavalier Microphone


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High-gloss white design combines long-range transmission and noise-canceling technology to realize the art of miniaturization and efficiency.
This white high-gloss wireless lavalier microphone is elegant and attractive with its compact size and exquisite appearance. Equipped with 2.4G wireless technology, it provides lossless sound quality while maintaining practical long-distance transmission capability, and features intelligent noise reduction to make every captured sound clear and noise-free, adding a professional stability to various occasions of use.

Selected features are presented in detail:
2.4G wireless technology: Ensures that the microphone provides a stable and fast signal connection, overcoming the challenges of long-distance transmission.
Lossless Sound Quality Guarantee: Captured sound is complete, realistic and rich in detail, bringing a high-fidelity experience to your recordings and live broadcasts.
Plug-and-play sim plicity: No need for complicated pairing or setup process, you can quickly access and prepare your brand new recording environment quickly.
Stable Transmission over Long Distance: With an effective range of up to tens of meters, it is not limited by the venue, which makes you more comfortable in your activity space.
Intelligent Noise Reduction Technology: Advanced noise reduction algorithm intelligently recognizes and mitigates background noise interference for clearer sound transmission.
Type-C fast charging: in line with the charging trend of modern electronic devices, it provides a convenient and efficient charging experience for the microphone.
Up to 8 hours of battery life: sufficient power to support long time use and capture every sound detail you need without interruption.
Accurate and Efficient Sound Reception: Accurately picks up the user’s voice even in complex environments, ensuring uncontaminated content is transmitted.
Strong compatibility across devices: Easily works with a variety of smart terminals, computers, and other recording devices, with strong compatibility.