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Digital photo frames, digital harbors of memories

Wherever you are, make your voice vivid and real.

Sound magic wand

Professional sound quality experience, high definition audio capture.

Memories are flowing

One touch is displayed, intelligent playback of beautiful moments.

Hearing accurately

High definition audio capture, stage level rendition companion.

Relive every precious moment

Let your memories shine in gorgeous colors on the high-definition LED display of this 7-inch digital photo frame. With compact design and broad horizon, show your favorite photos through this 7-inch high-definition digital photo frame, each one lifelike, reproducing the real beauty.

Freewheeling, unfettered sound experience

With its superior audio clarity and flexibility, it delivers a seamless and natural sound experience for presentations and performances. Whether it’s a meeting, a lecture or an outdoor event, you can ensure that sound reaches every corner.

Experience imperceptible comfort with clear sound transmission

With its intricate design and outstanding wireless performance, it provides a portable and high-quality audio solution for professional recording and real-time presentations. The new J6 wireless lavalier microphone will be an ideal companion for public speakers and content creators.

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A professional recording studio that fits in your pocket