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10 inch digital photo frame


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Elevator wall-mounted advertising machine, multi-functional video player, electronic photo albums, the perfect visual companion for families and businesses!
In this digital era, traditional physical photo albums are gradually giving way to more technologically advanced digital photo frames. 10-inch digital photo frames are not only a tool for private memories, but can also be used as elevator wall-mounted advertisement machines, whose multifunctionality combines the advantages of video players and electronic photo albums perfectly.
Overview of product features:
Play pictures: High-resolution display brings clear picture quality, vividly reproduces every precious moment, supports various picture formats, and lets memories appear on the screen.
Play music: Built-in audio playback function, can be used as a background music player, and beautiful images with the integration, creating a pleasant viewing atmosphere.
Play movies: support for a variety of video formats, making the digital photo frame into a small theater, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the mobile audio-visual feast.
Clock Perpetual Calendar: Integrated time display and perpetual calendar function, not only a work of art, but also a practical calendar helper.
Power on/off autoplay: Intelligent power on/off autoplay setting, convenient for energy saving and avoiding tedious manual operation.
Customization in 13 languages: Provides interface customization options in 13 languages to meet the needs of users from different countries, a truly international visual experience.